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    ExpectedMessage = "Cancelled order cannot be accepted")]
public void CancelledOrderCannotBeAccepted()
    // arrange
    dynamic service = new OrdersService();
    var order = new OrderBuilder().InState(OrderState.Cancelled);
    // act

See the dynamic keyword? OrdersService doesn’t have Accept method yet but the test compiles and… fails of course. That’s good. You can shape your API in tests as you like without even touching implementation (or interfaces). No need for placing NotImplementedException etc. Than you make it gradually work. This trick works especially well with continuous testing tools like NCrunch or Mighty Moose which provide almost instant feedback on your test(s).

After making test pass you can change dynamic to var and get static typing (for example allowing automatic renaming with VS refactoring tools).

EDIT 2012/11/10: This idea could be expanded to situations where target type doesn’t even exists yet. See i.e.: https://coderwall.com/p/0uzmdw