From Kent Beck’s book TDD By Example.

We should teach coding in test first manner from the very beginning:

I taught Bethany, my oldest daughter, TDD as her first programming style when she was about age 12. She thinks you can’t type in code unless there is a broken test. The rest of us have to muddle through reminding ourselves to write the tests.

About the role of tester in post-TDD era:

However, if the defect density of test-driven code is low enough, then the role of professional testing will inevitably change from “adult supervision” to something more closely resembling an amplifier for the communication between those who generally have a feeling for what the system should do and those who will make it do.

About the overwhelming fear in pre-TDD era:

Test-driven development is a way of managing fear during programming […]. Fear makes you tentative. Fear makes you want to communicate less. Fear makes you shy away from feedback. Fear makes you grumpy.

Stop it! Learn TDD instead!